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The book, The Mystic Way was originally published by King, Littlewood & King Limited, London in 1938. It was later republished by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC under the title The Mystic Path.
In recent years, reprints of the original book were made available by Kessinger Publishing. As the book is now out of print, it is presented on this site to benefit readers who may otherwise not have the opportunity to gain access to it.
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The Technique of the Master
The Technique of the Disciple
The Mystic Way
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"The act of service on the path releases the power of the soul. Unfoldment is not contingent only upon the absorption of material gained from the studies. The athlete is not made by the most comprehensive study of anatomy and reflection upon works of physical culture. He has to translate these into the terms of muscular training and scientific body building, combined with manifold mental adjustments relative to the feats he desires to accomplish. So with the neophyte. The forces he seeks to know and manipulate are resident within and existing around him. What he needs is the key to enable him to tap these infinite sources that await the call of the will to bring them into active combination and use. Faith plays a far more active part in the neophyte's unfoldment and use of power than he is inclined to believe. He may obtain many hints of this in times of emergency and stress, if he is observant of his deeper nature. The steady and continuous effort to use himself in service in any way that circumstances suggest or afford the least opportunity, will teach the neophyte far more than extended reading in occultism. He has no idea of what he is capable until he rises confidently in the fact of human need and compels the response of the soul's innate power in meeting it."
Raymund Andrea
The Technique of the Disciple
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